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A mix of written & graphic communications projects created for professional, personal & educational purposes are linked below.


This section includes a link to my staff page on EMU’s student newspaper, the Eastern Echo, and links to articles written for several journalism courses. They show my skills at News Writing, Research, Information Design, Analysis, and Interviewing.
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CONTEXT: I created the technical writing artifacts linked here in the course of my work or for EMU Technical Writing courses. Links go to my blogs or pdf documents uploaded on my blog or to Google Docs files. They show my skills and abilities in Technical Writing, Researching, Information Design & Analysis, Proposal & Case study writing, and Interviewing & Analyzing a target audience.

Adobe pdf logo EMU Freshman Solution Proposal (User testing, research, analysis, and tech writing)

link logo Internet Resources for EMU First Year Writing Program Students (Research, Information design, audience analysis)

link logo Case Studies for First Year Writing Program Instructors (Interviewing, Information analysis and design, Research, Instructional aid, Augmented reality, YouTube)

link logo Rhetorical Analysis of a YouTube Commercial (Rhetorical style analysis, information design, Research, and Technical Writing)

link logo Discourse Community Analysis of Internet Writing (Rhetorical Style Analysis, Technical Writing, Information Design, and Research)

link logo Style Remake Project (Writing based on style of TV program, Information Design, Photoshop, MS Sway, Technical Writing)

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Blogs I own or add content to

WordPress logo Marianne’s Musings Blog Home (My personal Blog, WordPress, design and maintain)

WordPress logo Marianne’s Musings Blog site Portfolio (Portfolio page of my blog, design and maintain)

WordPress logo Ann Arbor First Street Garden Inn B&B Blog (WordPress Blog, design, write and post content, and maintain)

The following Blog portfolios feature course work done within the last nine months.

WordPress logo Writing: Style and Technology Course Portfolio (WordPress Blog demonstrating writing ability and analysis of writing styles)

WordPress logo Writing for the World Wide Web Course Portfolio Blog (WordPress Blog demonstrating Internet writing projects, including WordPress, Weebly, and HTML/CSS coding)

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HTML/CSS/Javascript coded sites, WordPress and Weebly sites

link logo The Controversial Red Cross website on Weebly

link logo First Street Garden Inn B&B site on WordPress

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Adobe pdf icon EMU Unleashed Poster (Original Poster created with Adobe InDesign)

WordPress logo Original Digital Photography

WordPress logo PicQuotes, Inspirational sayings and quotes on photo images

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Technical Writing Projects created in the course of my employment (Before my Technical Writing education)

link logo AMS Letterhead

WordPress logo AMS Business Cards

Adobe pdf icon AMS Customer Job Evaluation and Recommendations

WordPress logo AMS Landscape Repair Analysis

Adobe pdf icon GEE Student & Family Code of Conduct

Adobe pdf icon Global Vision Development Business Plan

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Social Media Community Awareness Campaign

Adobe pdf icon Scholarship Application for Sault Saint Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians


wordpress logo I'm not Blonde--Just Naive

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You will need to download the free Aurasma App to view and hear the interactive Aura overlays (augmented parts) "hidden over" the EMU App poster.

WordPress logo Augmented Reality Enhanced marketing poster for the EMU App

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I created these MS Sway Portfolio Presentations for an Augmented Reality course project. Each presentation contains some form of interactivity.

link logo Technical Writing Sway Presentation

NOTE: The "PicQuotes" (images with text overlays) with technical writer limericks were created for an assignment in a Technical Writing class, meant to define what a technical communicator does. These original poems were written in the classic "bawdy pub style," which is tongue-in-cheek fun and not meant to be serious. Enjoy them with the backdrop photos from the Adirondack Mountains of northern New York. They are sprinkled throughout the presentation.

link logo Graphic Communications Sway Presentation

link logo Augmented Reality Sway Presentation

link logo Professional Writing SwayPresentation (Artifacts Created in the course of my employment)

link logo Website Design Sway Presentation (Mockups, HTML/CSS coded, WordPress, and Weebly sites)

link logo Grants and Proposals Sway Presentation

link logo Personal Sway Portfolio Presentation

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