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SUMMARY: I’ve got a curious, student mentality mixed with an entrepreneurial mindset and a strong sense of purpose. I’m a self-directed, independent worker. I provide high-quality, consistent output. I'm the office go-to person and if there's nobody who fills a necesary role, I become that person and get the job done. I’m a little bit eccentric — eclectic and quirky; I am able to laugh at myself. I am forthright without being obnoxious; I respect people but challenge ideas to move forward. I take ownership of my work and try to do what I think an owner would do. I love evaluating and refining my work. I stand behind the mission of the company I work for. If I just described your ideal employee, I’m your gal.

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NOTE: I attached a pdf format copy of my resume if you'd like to download it or print it. The same information is listed below.

Skills & Competencies


  • COMPLIANCE~2006-2009~Achieved 100% compliance record during all 3 years I was responsible for three charter schools.
  • PURCHASING, 2008-09 SCHOOL YEAR, Saved all GEE managed schools 10-40% over previous year by researching vendors and creating procedures for purchasing supplies and services for school offices, classrooms, facilities, and food programs.
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Educational History

  • Bachelor of Arts, December 2016, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, Michigan. Major in Written Communication, Technical Writing concentration; Minor in Graphic Communication
  • Associate of Arts, Occupational Studies, December 2013, Washtenaw Community College, Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Bay Mills Community College Online, 2006-2008: Website Design, Information Technology, Native American Cuisine and Arts & Artifacts
  • Asbestos Management Planner and Inspector, Accreditation, Spring 2009, Nova Environmental, Ann Arbor; and Environmental & Occupational Certification & Training, Kalamazoo
  • Certificate, California Shorthand Reporter, Dec 1986. Training at Chaffey College, Alta Loma, California
  • Continuing education, non-credit courses, fields including: MSWord and Excel 2007, MSPublisher 2003, HTML/XHTML, National School Lunch Program food & nutrition, and misc legal and medical topics.
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Employment History

(This is a brief chronological history. Functional Experience and Employer-Specific listings are below.)

  • Self-Employed Copyeditor/Proofreader and college student Jan 2013—present
  • AJ’s Maintenance & Services (AMS), Ypsilanti, MI Mar—Aug 2011; Jan—Apr 2015
  • Global Vision Development (GVD), Ann Arbor, MI Dec 2010—Mar 2011
  • American Charter Education Services (ACES), Fenton, MI Mar 2010—Dec 2010
  • Global Educational Excellence(GEE), AnnArbor Sept 2006—Mar 2010; Sept—Dec 2011
  • Institute for Continuing Legal Education (ICLE),
    Editorial Assistant, Ann Arbor 2001—2003

(Note: Global Educational Excellence, Global Vision Development & AJ’s Maintenance & Services are related family businesses)


Sept 2006—Dec 2016

Functional Experience Listing

(See employer-specific listings below.)

Writing and Editorial Experience

  • Created content & gathered documents for 6-8 monthly school board meetings including agendas and minutes; prepared departmental, financial & special reports.
  • Planned and created documentation for a yearly school board training for 5-8 charter school boards, including venue, food, and activities for family members.
  • Copyedited employee & student handbooks, annual education reports, school improvement plans, legal texts and websites, deposition and court trial transcripts, and fiction novel transcripts.
  • Updated school websites monthly in compliance with state laws and reqs.
  • Researched & prepared Federal USAID Contract Proposal for Palestinian construction contract in collaboration with architects and engineers from U.S. and Palestine.
  • Created business documents, incl. Employee Manual, Safety Program, Accident Prevention Program, Risk Management Program, employee training program, yearly maintenance program & spreadsheet.
  • Submitted & archived official records in compliance with public school record retention requirements.
  • Performed legal research to fact-check legal texts prior to publication.
  • Copyedited legal texts and websites during all stages of publication cycle.
  • Created branded marketing docs, including: logos, brochures, fliers, proposals, monthly mailings, emails, business cards, advertisements, letterhead, and bidding documents, including layout/illustrations.
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Project Management Experience

  • Planned and coordinated training event yearly for members of six charter school boards and their families. Included venue, catering, speakers, hand-outs, and hosting
  • Coordinated applications for county health department food service permits for 2 Wayne County and 2 Washtenaw County school kitchens. Included analysis, application, inspecting remodeling, coordinating with inspectors, preparing safety program, and communication with facilities and kitchen personnel and school leadership.
  • Project lead on preparing USAID RFB documents for construction and engineering contracts in the West Bank, Palestine. Included company start-up, branding documents, communications between partners and owners, collaboration with Palestinian engineers and architects, and copywriting and copyediting the proposals.

Compliance Coordinator Experience

  • Ensured 5-8 charter schools in two states complied with Fed., State, and Authorizer requirements or regulations, including emergency, facility, inspection, kitchen/cafeteria, and school board administration, achieving perfect compliance levels.
  • Coordinated facilities maintenance and kitchen compliance with employees at six school sites, including coordination of 3 health department permits for school kitchens.
  • Collaborated with people of diverse ethnic backgrounds to ensure specialized needs were met.
  • Created School Food Service Programs for six school sites to comply with USDA requirements and trained kitchen managers to follow program.
  • Created archive systems for compliance with state and federal public school record retention laws;
  • Trained office, food service, and facility workers in various compliance requirements.
  • Organized, entered & managed information in databases and archival systems/servers.
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Administrative/Executive Assistant Experience

  • Provided customer service for internal and external customers.
  • Scheduled client meetings and contract completion dates.
  • Coordinated Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable on QuickBooks.
  • Created filing system and archived records for short and long-term storage.
  • Answered and directed phone communications and inquiries.

Other Professional Experience ~ Court Reporting

Independent contract Court Reporter

Jan 1987—Aug 2006
  • Earned MI & CA Shorthand Reporter Certs & National Court Reporters Assoc. RPR-CM.
  • Recorded & transcribed verbatim testimony with machine shorthand in court, hearings, and depositions.


NOTE: This is a listing of the employers I worked for with the duties I did for each. It is a reorganization of the information above.

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Business Office Manager

AJ’S Maintenance & Services, Ypsilanti, MI

Mar—Aug 2011 and Apr—Nov 2014
  • Manage the business office of a landscaping and snowplowing company.
  • Track work completed and prepare accounts receivable and accounts payables either per-service, per-week or monthly.
  • Be the first-line contact for customers and prospective customers.
  • Prepare marketing, business branding collateral and bidding documents.
  • Fill appointments with prospects to evaluate landscaping needs; prepare report of findings and recommendations for costing personnel.

Project Assistant and Proposal Writer

Global Vision Development, Ann Arbor, MI

Dec 2010—Mar 2011
  • Conduct research and prepare Federal USAID Proposal for construction contract.
  • Create business documents, including Employee Manual, Safety Program, Accident Prevention Program, etc.
  • Coordinate documentation and communication between US and Palestinian engineers and architects.

Administrative and Project Assistant

American Charter Education Services, Fenton, MI

Mar 2010—Dec 2010
  • Project and administrative assistant for a charter school board liaison and business office where I assisted with inventory and food service management implementation and grant preparation.
  • Prepared or edited documents for monthly school board meetings.
  • Organized, entered & managed information in databases and archival systems/servers.
  • Edited charter school grant applications and other documents as needed.
  • Answered/directed phone communications and customer/associate inquiries.

Compliance Coordinator

Global Educational Excellence, Ann Arbor, MI

Sept 2006—Mar 2010 and Sept—Dec 2011
  • Ensured seven charter schools in two states complied with all regulations, including emergency, facility, inspection, and other authorizer or legal requirements.
  • Commended by the Director of Charter Schools at Ferris State University and by the Authorizer Representatives for two different schools for Bay Mills Community College for my exemplary service and compliance achievements.
  • Prepared all documents for six school board meetings per month.
  • Organized, entered & managed information in databases and archival systems/servers.
  • Edited employee & student handbooks, annual education reports, school improvement plans, and other documents as needed.
  • Answered/directed phone communications and customer/associate inquiries
  • Updated the school websites on drupal CMS.
  • Coordinated facilities maintenance and food program compliance at 8 school sites.
  • Updated and archived records in compliance with public school record retention requirements.
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Editorial Assistant

Institute for Continuing Legal Education, Ann Arbor, MI

Nov 2001—July 2003
  • Assisted copyeditors and legal editors in the production of legal texts by conducting research and proofreading legal texts.
  • Researched, organized, and recorded data for editorial production.

Independent Contract Court Reporter

California and Michigan

Jan 1987—Aug 2006
  • Contracted with several courts and agencies throughout my career; worked in Ann Arbor, MI from 1996-2006; worked mostly for San Bernardino County or Riverside County Superior Courts and Sara Gusseck & Associates in San Bernardino, Calif, from 1987-1994; worked mostly for PAL Reporting or Metropolitan Reporting in Lansing, MI from 1994-1996; paid on a commission basis, mostly full-time.
  • Used computer-aided transcription to produce transcripts of the proceedings or testimony I recorded on a Stenograph machine, taking testimony of dozens of expert witnesses of all professions and producing technical transcripts under tight deadlines.
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